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How to Develop a Cybersecurity Strategy for 2024: 7 Key Steps for Effective Protection

Published on Dec 11 2023

How to Develop a Cybersecurity Strategy for 2024

In today's increasingly digital world, cybersecurity is not just a nice-to-have; it is an absolute must for organizations. Regardless of size or industry, every organization faces a storm of cyber threats that can lead to data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage. 

According to an IBM report, in 2023, the average cost of a data breach reached $4.45 million, and the financial implications are just the tip of the iceberg. Reputational damage, lost productivity, and regulatory penalties can impose even more harm, potentially disabling an organization's prospects. 

To protect your organization, you need a robust cybersecurity strategy, that goes beyond implementing the latest security technologies. This includes crafting a comprehensive plan that aligns with the organization's risk resilience and business goals. This also involves developing a culture of security awareness and empowering your employees to act as the first line of defense against cyber threats. 

This article will guide you through the 7 key steps to developing a cybersecurity strategy for 2024 that will effectively protect your organization and ensure its long-term success in the digital age.

7 Key Steps for Effective Cyber Protection Step 1: Assess Your Current Security Posture: 

Begin by identifying weak spots in your system and understanding current digital threats, which of your organization's assets and data require protection. A comprehensive security audit is your roadmap to clarity.

Imagine trying to protect a town without knowing where the walls are. Salience steps in as your awake scout, scanning your entire digital surface – websites, apps, cloud systems, and more – to uncover hidden vulnerabilities and lost-sight assets. It's like having an up-to-the-minute map that shows every location a cyber threat might try to penetrate. 

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Step 2: Define Your Security Objectives, Requirements, and Prioritize Risks: 

Once you clearly understand your current security posture, it's time to establish your cybersecurity goals and objectives. These should align with your organization's overall mission and business goals. Setting clear and measurable goals will help you prioritize your security efforts effectively. 

Consider cybersecurity as a game of darts. Instead of blindly throwing darts at the board, Salience helps you hit the bullseye every time. It estimates your unique attack surface and industry threats, quantifies cyber risks, and lets you tag each one, ensuring you're always on target when it comes to cybersecurity priorities.  

Step 3: Generate a Risk Management Plan: 

Effective risk management is a fundamental pillar of a robust cybersecurity strategy. It revolves around identifying potential threats, assessing their likelihood and potential impact, and then organizing your responses in order of priority. 

To put it in perspective, think back to that old emergency plan you kept stashed away. Salience elevates it to a whole new level. It automates penetration testing, offers easy ways to fix them with practical remediation tips, and even anticipates future threats by pinpointing weak spots in your attack surface. With Salience, you don't just respond to cybersecurity issues; you actively stay one step ahead. 

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Step 4: Develop a Comprehensive Security Policy: 

A well-defined security policy serves as the foundation of your cybersecurity strategy. Policies and procedures provide clear guidelines for your employees on how to handle sensitive data, use company devices, and access company networks. They also outline your organization's incident response procedures in case of a cyberattack. 

Step 5: Implement Security Controls and Technologies: 

Now that you've established your security policy, it's time to put it into action.  

Think of Salience as your arsenal of cutting-edge cyber tools. It recommends the most effective security solutions tailored to your specific threats and vulnerabilities.  

Continuous penetration testing? Check. Continuous monitoring? You got it. AI-powered detection, analytics, and prioritization? Salience equips you with the right tools for the job. 

What sets Salience apart is its comprehensive approach. It goes beyond traditional ASM tools by not only scanning your company's external attack surface but also delving into your internal network and APIs. This holistic approach ensures that potential vulnerabilities don't go unnoticed, providing a complete view of your security posture.

Step 6: Educate and Train Your Team: 

Human error is often the weakest point in cybersecurity. Therefore, educating and training your employees on security best practices is vital. Conduct regular security awareness training sessions and promote a culture of vigilance and responsibility when it comes to protecting sensitive information. 

The Proven Impact of Employee Training on Cybersecurity: Key Statistics 

  • 82% of data breaches were caused by human error, such as clicking on phishing links or opening malicious attachments. The report also found that organizations with a strong security awareness program were 30% less likely to experience a data breach. - The 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon 
  • Organizations with a mature security awareness program were 25% less likely to experience a security incident. The report also found that organizations with a strong security awareness program were 20% more likely to meet their compliance requirements. The Human Factor in Data Protection by Ponemon  

Step 7: Monitor, Evaluate, and Adapt: 

Cyber threats constantly evolve, so your cybersecurity strategy evolves alongside them. Maintain a vigilant watch over your security measures, conduct regular assessments of your defenses, and stay well-informed about emerging threats.  

And speaking of vigilance, Salience takes a proactive approach. It remains in constant patrol mode, closely monitoring your network and keeping a close eye on evolving threats. Salience doesn't wait for a threat; it sends alerts in real-time and ensures your strategy is always up to date, allowing you to stay one step ahead of cyber issues.


Building an effective cybersecurity strategy may require time and effort, but it's a vital investment in your organization's long-term security and prosperity. With the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, staying ahead is paramount, and that's where Salience comes into play. 

Remember, a strong cybersecurity strategy is your shield, but Salience is your trusty sword – sharp, adaptable, and always ready to defend your digital frontier.  

Bonus: Simplify Your Cybersecurity Strategy with Salience Risk Assessment Report 

Crafting a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy can be daunting due to the ever-evolving threats and the need to align it with broader business goals. This is where Salience's Risk Assessment Report comes in, making the process more accessible and effective for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Key Advantages of Salience Risk Assessment Report: 

  • Comprehensive View: It provides a holistic view of your organization's attack surface, vulnerabilities, and threats, highlighting critical issues. 
  • Risk Quantification: The report quantifies your cyber risks, enabling better prioritization and resource allocation. 
  • Humanized Cybersecurity for Non-Technical People: Salience simplifies cybersecurity with plain language and visuals. Our reporting suits both technical experts and non-technical individuals. 
  • On-Demand Reporting: Salience enables you to highlight your cybersecurity progress and track improvements over time. It stores all the information, allowing you to generate reports whenever you need them and showcase the value of your efforts to all stakeholders. 

Salience Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Report is an indispensable asset for organizations seeking to enhance their cybersecurity defenses while ensuring they support your overall business objectives. Humanize's Risk Assessment Report is your gateway to a more resilient, informed, and proactive security posture. 

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