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Isn’t it alarming that there is a cyber-attack happening every 39 seconds? Let’s safeguard your business from that possibility.

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We understand that cybersecurity can be complicated. Let’s simplify it and make it human readable for all C-level executives.

Why Humanize?

We have humanized cybersecurity to be easily understandable for the C-Suite by translating real risks and vulnerabilities that adversaries target.

How can it help your company?

Most of the time, C-Suite executives are not aware of their company’s external attack surface. Humanize Salience approach is to give an outside view of their external attack surface from the same view from adversaries would look to target them, as well as reflects compliance and financial risk. Our solution keeps companies one step ahead of vulnerabilities and gives fixing recommendations by prioritizing them.

Who is it the best for?

Humanize Salience is designed for C-Suite executives of any business in any industry.

What is your methodology?

Our methodology is based on MITRE Attack Framework, Humanize Meta Safe attacks technology, and Open Fair model for financial quantification.

What compliance regulations and frameworks are covered?

Top compliance frameworks and frameworks covered by Humanize Salience are NIST 800-53, GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO27001, and HIPAA.

Do you provide a free trial?

We are providing complimentary security assessment report, and personal product demonstration.
For general queries, including partnership opportunities, please email general[at]