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SaaS has become essential for business operations, but it also comes with its security challenges. Gain extended visibility and control over your SaaS attack surface with Salience xASM & Risk Quantification platform.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Cybersecurity


The global average cost of a data breach - IBM 2023


Of businesses worldwide were affected by ransomware attacks - Statista 2023


Of organizations are planning to increase security investments as a result of a breach - IBM 2023

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Key challenges

The complexity of the SaaS environment, combined with the sensitive data stored in and shared between various SaaS applications, makes them a prime target for cyber threats.

SaaS attack surface management helps by providing us extended visibility into the SaaS application's internal, external, and API attack surfaces. The key challenges of SaaS attack surface management include:

  • Access Management
  • Misconfigurations
  • Legal & Compliance Issues
  • Privacy and Data Breaches
  • Business Interruptions
challenges-image Key challenges SaaS
impact-image Top threats and attacks in SaaS

Top threats and attacks

SaaS solutions enable enterprises achieve important goals, such as cost reductions and quicker time-to-market. However, they also introduce cybersecurity risks and enterprises are at constant risks and the top cyber threats of SaaS include: 

  • Shadow IT 
  • Malware & Ransomware
  • Cloud Misconfigurations
  • Third-Party Risk
  • Distributed Denial of Service
  • Man in the Middle Attack 

Risk mitigation

  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance & Protect Business-Critical Data: Salience excels at identifying and managing cyber risks, ensuring compliance with industry regulations to mitigate the risk of penalties.
  • Elevate Your API Security: Strengthen your API security by addressing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations while simplifying secure API deployment through Salience's continuous analysis.


  • Improve your security decision-making: Get a holistic view of your attack surface and its current vulnerabilities, helping you to make more intelligent security decisions and efficiently utilize your team's cybersecurity resources.
  • Access Continuous Penetration Testing: Implement automated penetration testing, ensuring systematic and continuous identification of vulnerabilities and potential risks.

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