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Cybersecurity is a top challenge in the financial industry. Enhance your financial organization’s cybersecurity with Salience Extended Attack Surface Management (xASM) platform.

Finance & Banking Cybersecurity

$4.45 million

The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 - IBM 2023

207 days

The average time to identify a breach - IBM 2023

$1.76 million

The average savings for organizations that use security AI and automation extensively compared to organizations that don’t - IBM 2023

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Key challenges

The financial industry faces unique cybersecurity challenges due to rapid digitalization, especially with the rise of online banking platforms. The main challenges are:

  • Fraud and Identity Theft
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Financial Loss
  • System Outage
  • Third-Party Risk
challenges-image Finance and banking key challenges
impact-image Top threats and attacks in finance and baking

Top threats and attacks

Despite strong regulations and a wide range of security systems and products used to protect data and prevent attacks, the banking and financial sector is still one of the most popular targets for cybercriminals. 

Top cyber threats to financial services include:  

  • Malware & Ransomware 
  • Vulnerable Software 
  • Spoofing 

Why use Salience in Financial & Banking sector?

  • Comprehensive ATM Security: Monitor ATMs and terminals effectively to identify risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Unauthorized Access Prevention: Enhance security measures to prevent unauthorized data access or disclosure.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Simplify compliance management to meet all data protection regulations.
  • Insider Threat Mitigation: Proactively detect and counter insider threats, including fraudulent employees.


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