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Empower your cyber risk management with Salience cyber risk quantification

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Empower your Cyber Risk Management with Salience Cyber Risk Quantification

Are you worried about cyber-attacks harming your business?

Don't worry! Salience Cyber Risk Quantification empowers you to:

Get continuous automated penetration testing
Identify and quantify cyber risks
Protect your business with cyberattack forecasting
Get concise and humanized cyber risk data for the C-Suite
Analyze the impact on assets
Protect assets from cyber-attacks

Simplify cybersecurity risk in a way that the entire organization can understand


Number of Automated Penetration Testing Cybersecurity Tools


Average number of threats analyzed per day

For single organization

Average number of attacks classified per day

For single organization

How Salience CRQ works

Continuous Passive/Active Automated Penetration Testing

Continuous passive/active automated penetration testing

Advanced Cyberattack Detection, Forecasting and Prioritization

Advanced cyberattack detection, forecasting and prioritization

Potential Risk Assessment and Prioritization

Potential risk assessment and prioritization

Financial, Security, and Compliance Scores Calculation

Financial, security, and compliance scores calculation

Customized Recommendations for Cybersecurity Risk Management

Customized recommendations for cybersecurity risk management


Cutting personnel costs and saving on labor due to its automated platform.


Increasing the company's cybersecurity team productivity, by KPIing cyber efforts.


Staying compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.


Optimizing your organization's investments in cyber risk prevention.


Saving more time and money in the long run due to continuous testing and planning.


Boosting customer satisfaction by creating a sense of confidence and trust.


Enhancing cybersecurity strategy due to automatically generated near real-time cyber data.

Case studies

New York-Based Insurance Leader Fortifies Data Security and Compliance with Salience

Discover how a NY-based insurance company used Salience to safeguard sensitive data, navigate compliance requirements, and build a robust cybersecurity posture.

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Building a Secure IoT Ecosystem: How Salience Empowered a Telecom Company

Explore how a leading telecom company strengthened its IoT services and protected customer trust with Salience's extended solutions.

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Salience Solves Key Challenges for American Financial Institution

Discover how Humanize's Salience platform transformed cybersecurity for an American financial institution, ensuring data security, compliance, and real-time threat detection.

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Salience xASM Platform Solution for Governmental Agency

Salience improved a governmental agency's cyber resilience and risk management through attack surface management, risk quantification and continuous monitoring.

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West Coast SaaS Startup Fortifies Security with Salience GraphQL Scanning to Prevent Data Leakage

Discover how a West Coast SaaS startup, specializing in Microsoft 365 optimization, used Salience GraphQL Scanning to bolster security, enhance productivity, and prevent data leakage.

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Salience's Impact on Bank Cybersecurity

Salience provided a bank with automated pentesting, enhanced threat detection, reduced cybersecurity incidents, increased productivity, and boosted customer confidence in the bank's services.

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Protect your business from potential cyber threats by streamlining your cyber risk management

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