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The innovative insurance industry faces rising cyber threats. Salience xASM solution offers strong cybersecurity, protecting data and reducing cybersecurity risks.

Insurance Sector Cybersecurity

Every 39 seconds

A cyber-attack takes place - Cybersecurity Ventures

17.5 million

Credit card numbers were sold on black markets and dark web hacker forums until September 2022 - SOCRadar


Of organizations have experienced at least one breach due to weak authentication - Security Boulevard

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Key challenges

Cybersecurity is critical for the insurance sector because it handles vast amounts of sensitive personal and financial data. What makes cybersecurity challenging within the insurance field? 

  • Extended Attack Surfaces: The rise of remote work, reliance on vendors, and cloud adoption have expanded the potential attack points. 
  • High-Value Information: Insurance deals with valuable financial and health data, making it an appealing target for cyberattacks. 
  • Industry Scope: The insurance sector's broad reach, encompassing a wide customer base, requires comprehensive data management, amplifying cybersecurity complexities. 
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impact-image Insurance Sector Top Threats

Top threats and attacks

Due to recent external changes, the intensity of cyberattacks in the insurance industry has increased. Despite the risk and robust regulation, the insurance sector still suffers from cyber security weaknesses and frequent attacks. 

Below are the top cybersecurity challenges the insurance industry must recognize:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Misconfigurations
  • Bucket Exposures
  • Excessive Attack Surface
  • Social Engineering
  • Ransomware and Malware

Why use Salience in Insurance sector?

  • Third-Party Risk Monitoring: Experience Salience's third-party risk monitoring to efficiently manage vendor lists and swiftly identify critical third-party risks.  
  • Cost-Effective ROI Enhancement: It simplifies risk analysis, aiding budgeting and ROI assessment in cybersecurity, making complex risks actionable for efficient resource allocation.  
  • Enhanced Security Posture: Salience provides a comprehensive view of security risks and offers remediation recommendations for improved security.  
  • Automated Operational Efficiency: Salience automation takes care of the routine security tasks. This means less manual work and more time to focus on critical missions. 

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