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Salience Solves Key Challenges for American Financial Institution

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Salience Solves Key Challenges for American Financial Institution

About the Client:

Our customer is an American leading global financial institution, facing the growing challenge of securing their digital assets and customer information while navigating a complex regulatory and evolving threat landscape. 

Key Challenges Faced:

  • Ensure financial data security: Protect sensitive financial data and customer information from cyber threats. 
  • Compliance & Regulation: Navigate the financial industry's complex legal and regulatory landscape. 
  • Threat Detection: Gain immediate visibility into emerging threats and vulnerabilities before adversaries can exploit them.

Solutions Delivered by Salience:

Salience extended attack surface management and risk quantification platform provided a comprehensive view of the American organization's external, internal, and API attack surfaces, empowering them with:

  • Automated Pentesting: Quickly and accurately identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, allowing for swift remediation. 
  • Enhanced Threat Detection and Response: Offering insights for rapid response to cyber threats. 
  • Simplified Risk Communication: Translating complex cybersecurity data into clear, actionable insights for non-technical stakeholders, facilitating informed decision-making and improved collaboration.

Results and Impacts:

  • Fortified security: Salience's proactive approach reduced the time to identify and resolve security issues, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and financial losses.  
  • Enhanced compliance: By providing clear visibility into compliance gaps, Salience empowered the organization with relevant regulatory requirements.  
  • Streamlined cybersecurity management: The user-friendly interface facilitated clear risk communication and enhanced collaboration across all departments, leading to more efficient and effective cybersecurity management. 
“With Salience’s automated pentesting is like having a team of security experts constantly scanning our systems, identifying vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. It's given us peace of mind and freed up our security team to focus on strategic initiatives." -  Dan, Chief Information Security Officer 

*Not their real name 

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