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New York-Based Insurance Leader Fortifies Data Security and Compliance with Salience


About the Client:

The New York-based insurance leader faced data security challenges, compliance complexities, and a growing attack surface. They leveraged Salience to enhance cybersecurity, protect customer data, and streamline compliance. Salience became a cornerstone of their cybersecurity strategy, empowering them to expand with newfound confidence.

Key Challenges Faced:

Operating at the forefront of the insurance industry in New York, our client had to safeguard sensitive customer data, including financial and personal information. They faced several challenges:

  • Securing an Extended Attack Surface: With offices in major cities around the world, the company operated across a diverse network infrastructure, significantly expanding its attack surface.
  • Compliance Complexity: Navigating complex international data privacy and security regulations like GDPR and CCPA added another layer of complexity.
  • Proactive Vulnerability Management: Identifying and remediating vulnerabilities within their network and diverse applications before attackers could exploit them was crucial for preventing data breaches and ensuring compliance.

Solutions Delivered by Salience:

The company uses Salience to address these critical challenges and build a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Salience's extended attack surface management (XASM) platform provided:

  • Threat Alerts: Salience is continuously monitoring the company's entire attack surface, including internal and external networks, APIs, and applications, providing insights into potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • In-Depth Vulnerability Scanning and Prioritization: Comprehensive vulnerability assessments identified weaknesses across the network, prioritized them based on severity and potential impact, and offered clear remediation guidance.
  • Automated Penetration Testing: Continuous automated penetration testing proactively uncovered hidden vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance Management and Reporting: Salience simplified compliance with automated reports and insights.


Implementing Salience has transformed the company's cybersecurity posture, delivering honest results: 

  • Data Leakage Prevention: Salience's GraphQL scanning proved highly effective in preventing data leakage and safeguarding sensitive customer information and financial data.
  • Enhanced Data Protection: Salience's proactive threat detection and vulnerability management significantly reduced the risk of data breaches, safeguarding sensitive customer information and financial data.
  • Streamlined Compliance: With Salience's automated reporting and compliance tools, the company achieved greater transparency and confidence in meeting its regulatory requirements.
  • Boosted Confidence and Growth: Improved cybersecurity and reduced compliance risks empowered the company to focus on core objectives and expand globally with newfound confidence. 
"Salience has become a cornerstone of our cybersecurity strategy. They've given us the visibility, insights, and proactive tools we need to protect our customers' data and navigate complex regulations." - Information Security Analyst at the company

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