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Identifying and quantifying cybersecurity risks is the modern challenge in corporations now that alarms C-suite executives of the company and the board.


Out of 4 organizations have fallen victim to a ransomware attack - Mimecast 2022


Of DDoS assaults had been directed at targets positioned within the USA - 10 Guards 2022


Basic web application attack incidents, with 1,273 confirmed data disclosure - Verizon 2022

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Key challenges

For companies of all sizes, cybercrime has become potentially harmful to a possible business-ending event. 

Many factors make corporations and enterprises vulnerable to cyberattacks. The most significant factors are: 

  • Lack of integrated cybersecurity solutions 
  • Lack of ability to share threat intelligence cross-functionally 
  • Underutilized frameworks to support investigations 
  • Rapid digitalization creates complex and potentially less secure networks.
  • Undertrained employees with poor understanding of cyber risks
  • Remote work creates difficulties in keeping personal and corporate information safe. 

Top threats and attacks

Enterprises are at constant risk of cyberattacks. 
Despite the risks of severe financial loss and strong regulatory oversight, many enterprises still lack cyber-security awareness or fail to take appropriate precautions. 
Here are the top cybersecurity threats that the enterprise infrastructure needs to be aware of: 

  • Ransomware 
  • Malware 
  • Supply chain attacks 
  • Social engineering
  • Distributed Denial of Service
  • Man in the Middle Attack 

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation for enterprises involves using security policies, processes, and technologies to reduce the overall risk or impact of a cybersecurity threat.

The sequence is prevention, detection, and remediation.  
Learn about the best practices of risk mitigation in our eBook. 

Cybersecurity in SaaS Companies

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