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Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is increasingly becoming a lucrative target for cybercriminals looking to steal vast volumes of patient data.


Healthcare organizations impacted by ransomware only in Q3 2022 - Checkpoint 2022

$10 million

The average cost of a data breach in healthcare - Healthcare 2022


Of respondents in Healthcare Industry suffered a cyberattack on their cloud infrastructure within the last 12 months - SC Media

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Key challenges

The evolving threat landscape makes it more challenging for healthcare organizations to protect their data. 

Healthcare businesses are appealing targets for adversaries for three reasons:

  • Criminals can swiftly sell patients' medical and billing information for insurance fraud on the darknet. 
  • It is conceivable that ransom payments will be lucrative as ransomware can lock down patient care and back-office systems.
  • Cybercriminals can access sensitive healthcare data and systems because the adoption of digital patient records and the automation of clinical systems have made them more accessible. 
challenges-image healthcare industry cybersecurity
impact-image healthcare industry cybersecurity

Top threats and attacks

The healthcare industry is exploding and is increasingly dependent on technology to perform daily operations. As a result, cybersecurity challenges within the healthcare industry have increased over time. 

Here are the top cybersecurity challenges that the healthcare industry needs to be aware of: 

  • Malware and ransomware 
  • Phishing attacks
  • Data breaches
  • Insider threats
  • DDoS attacks
  • Cloud threats 

Risk mitigation

Healthcare risk mitigation involves processes and systems tending to uncover, mitigate, and prevent risks in the healthcare sector.  


Practicing good cyber hygiene and controlling human error can mitigate cyber risk for health care organizations. 
Learn about the best practices of risk mitigation in our eBook.

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Cybersecurity in Healthcare Industry

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