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Telecom & IoT

Telecom and IoT is a critical infrastructure that is growing daily and has many assets and customers that communicate, process, and store enormous amounts of sensitive data.


Mobile gadgets have a 40% risk of becoming a target of cyberattacks. – Check Point, Mobile Security Report 2021

$9.44 Million

The average cost of a breach in the United States -IBM 2022


Days is the average number of days an organization takes to identify a breach -Deloitte 2022

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Key challenges

The telecommunications industry is vital as it keeps the world connected 24/7. The growing number of technologies and data transmission has led to increased cyberattacks that telecom companies have to face daily.  
The most significant factors are: 

  • Digital transformation is a complicated, costly process requiring telcos to change their corporate culture completely. 
  • Competition between mobile network operators requires more flexibility, personalization, and more meaningful interactions with providers, which generate a lot of difficulties and sensitive data. 
  • IoT device management is poor
  • Passwords are weak
  • The adaptation of 5 GB  

Top threats and attacks

The Telecom and IoT industry is undergoing rapid transformation, and switching from reactive to proactive security measures is necessary. 

The following are the top cybersecurity challenges that Telecom and IoT infrastructure should consider. 

  • Network congestion  
  • DDoS attacks 
  • RFID interference  
  • Routing attacks 
  • Sybil attacks 

Risk mitigation

Mitigation in the telecommunications industry begins with a risk assessment that identifies potential threats and ways to prevent them. 

This cycle in the telecom and IOT sector starts with revealing vulnerable areas, implementing mitigation strategies, and preventing cyberattacks. 
 Learn about the best practices of risk mitigation in our eBook.

Cybersecurity in the Telecom & IoT Industry

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